Tonight, Tomorrow: Occupy your Bike!

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I went General Assembly last night to hear what was going to happen now that Occupy Portland has been given it’s eviction notice and to announce today’s 11.11.11 Occupy your Bicycle and Ride to the General Assembly (followed by War Memorial ride).
Occupy Portland General Assembly 11.10.11

There were 500 very activated people.  It was very clear that tactical retreat, which would be my inclination, is not going to happen.

The general consensus is that there needs to be a party and potluck Saturday night and camp needs to be cleaned and cleared of much of the stuff (tents and other belongings) in advance.  Occupiers want as many supporters as possible to protect and hold the camp in a non-violent fashion.

Action committees were formed.  I joined with the folks who wanted to see bicyclists and pedestrians gather and circle the park.  It was decided that we call the action Swarm after a similar action from Copenhagen DenmarkSee videos below.

Protect the occupation!  Swarm this Saturday Night Nov 12, on foot or on bicycle.
Swarm The Occupation

11pm at Salmon St Fountain (SW Naito and Salmon in waterfront park) we meet to circle and rally around Chapman and Lownsdale Squares.  Also feel free to arrive in affinity groups on the hour at the site all night/morning long.  Bring good spirits, costumes, music, street theater!

Also bring rain gear (yellow/fluorescent), warm clothing, coffee, and a festive attitude.  Don't bring drugs, alcohol or violence. Be prepared to stay up late or be called back later since we won't know when the Swarm will be needed most.  Text PDXOccupy to 23559 to receive critical updates.

Tonight’s ride should be a good warm up for tomorrow’s.

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  1. zuckerdog
    3 years, 6 months ago

    Going to be out of town this weekend. Bummed I won't be able to make it this saturday