Dinosaurs Bite People Ride - Wednesday CMC Nooner

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Are you as fed up with the Catastrophic Ridiculous Ongoing Oil
Disaster as I am?  Do you want to remind our brothers and sisters that
BP and the Federal govt are not going to fix this problem but WE ARE.

This coming Wednesday, rain or shine, we are taking the message to
streets, expressways and the information super highway.

***┬┐Do you have something you need to say, a song to sing, poem, a
bell to ring, flag to wave, banner to drop?***

Join CrankMyChain! TV for DINOSAURS BITE, PEOPLE RIDE, this Wednesday,
May 26th at PSU.  Show starts at noon, ride leaves at

If you or your posse would like to be featured on the ride/live you just want details
webcast please contact me. 

It will be fun AND we will be confronting OUR petrochemical addiction.

Forever in your debt,

Dan Kaufman
503 267 2862

Dinosaurs Bite

Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaurs Tussle
Dinosaurs Fight

         A                                                B7
Some Dinosaurs eat plants The one over there eats Meat
         G                                       D             A
You'd better get running on your Dinosaur Feet

Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaur stuck in the ground
That's a Dinosaurs Plight

They used to roam the earth the Sky and the Sea
Now we dig 'em from the ground so we all can see That

Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaurs Bite
A dinosaurs might
Makes a dinosaur Right

The Earth got hit by a big Asteroid
There wasn't on damn thing they could do to avoid
The lakes got hot, they started to boil
Now we dig 'em from the ground to get our Crude Oil

Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaur Fuel
is our Dino Delight

When you're driving your car Drinking your gasoline
And you're choking on the fumes You'll know what I Mean
When the Glaciers all melt and the Oceans do Rise
I hope it don't come as a big fat surprise!
When our desire for fuel is the cause of a spill
Then it's time that we find new ways to fill, because

Dinosaurs Bite
Dinosaurs Bite

Dan Kaufman copyleft 2007-2010

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